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We open our bakery in 2011 from knowing nothing and learned a lot in the 3.5 years we had it open. If you are looking to open a bakery or cupcake shop we can be a resource to your to learn how to avoid mistakes and how to plan your shop. We offer consulting a one time fee your have access to us. There are also recipes and tips on this site

New Orleans, LA 70126


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  1. just received the mail on your businesws from the alumni office. Scott after reading your information I noticed we have many ties. I grew up in Ponchertrain Park, graduated from 35 in 1968 and Morehouse in 1972. I too was a reporter for WSB in Atlanta during the mid to late 70′s.I wish you much success in your business.

  2. When catering wedding receptions we often have requests for pastries and cakes, items which are not on our menu. It is good to know that Sweets & Treats is here to fill that need.
    ‘ Look forward to hearing from you.

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